Cycling for the future.. Jordan cycle final day

tamara —  December 29, 2011

Motivation, inspiration and belief are powerful feelings that can instantaneously instigate a change. At some point during our cycle, every one of us experienced each, if not all of the above.. Our day started with the excitement of knowing this would be our final run to the finish, allowing us to find the motivation to gather all our remaining energy and complete the journey. But our minds were clouded by the daunting thoughts of the difficult 5km uphill stretch, followed by a number of oscillating ups and downs all the way to the end. We spend most of our lives with our sights set on the top, but when cycling the sheer anticipation of seeing a downhill turn triggered pure elation, well in my case anyway, quite ironic.

After having breakfast surrounded by the breathtaking views of red mountains on one side, the calm almost unmoving Dead Sea on the other and Palestine in the distance, we set off to conquer the first challenge of the day. The first 5km uphill climb can only be described as excruciatingly painful. Each rotation of the wheels did get us a little closer to the top, which only grew to be even higher.

The uphill climb

The key was, of which most of the cyclists kept on shouting out as inspiring words, “Don’t stop peddling!” It may seem obvious, but the number of times I wanted to stop for just one moment to relive the burning sensation in my legs ended up being countless. 40 ish minutes later and it was all over, well the worst part, the only feeling worth remembering was pure relief.
The rest of the day we spent cycling upwards, pushing forward with all our might and flying down, letting go and enjoying the ride. The views were spectacular, the people were inspiring and the ride was truly terrific! We finally reached the meeting point at the Baptism site, where an enthusiastic group of friends and family who had come in from Amman joined us for the last 18km to the finish line. Thankfully, the road was fairly straight, with miniature uphill climbs in comparison. The buildup of energy as we all cycled together to the finish was indescribable, overpowering and truly inspiring. Finally, we crossed the finish line, cyclists were flying by, jumping off their bikes and embracing each other. It was an unforgettable sight. The feeling of accomplishment, both physically and mentally, the relief, the exhilaration, the fulfillment, and a bit of sadness; only a snippet of the emotions flowing through each of us.

With every step forward we take together, we hope to pave the road for the future generation.

Zara Hannoun


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