2016: Gaustablikk to Oslo

When: 2016
Where: Gaustablikk to Oslo
Distance: 260km
No. of Cyclists: 49
Charity Partner: PACES
Amount Fundraised: £250,000

Media Coverage:
Middle East Monitor - Cycling4Gaza

Middle East Monitor – Cycling4Gaza

Gulf News - Cycling to help the people of Gaza

Gulf News – Cycling to help the people of Gaza

The National - Cyclists brave Norwegian outdoors

The National – Cyclists brave Norwegian outdoors







Derfor var det 50 syklister på Union i dag
Drammens Tidende, August 2016

Syklet for Gaza i øsende regnvær
Eikernytt.no, August 2016


A few words from Susan Ghazi El-Loulou:

We tend to think of cycling as a recreational form of sports; that a bike might take us to a specific destination – a location that we intentionally select, but it might even go beyond that tangible realm…It might touch the lives of others… We rarely think of it as a philanthropic hobby that can altruistically create opportunities for underprivileged children and ameliorate their living conditions. Cycling4Gaza is a non-profit initiative lead by a group of keen individuals who fundraise annually for Palestinian children. It includes people from various nationalities and miscellaneous cultural and educational backgrounds, who all unanimously agree that children, especially in war-zones, have the right to be provided with good living conditions and education.

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