Projects 2021

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2021, a year of hope for the rest of the world, turned into darkness and devestation for the people living in the Gaza strip. Almost 100 children paid the price with their lives and hundreds more with permenant dehabilitating injuries. Infrustucture and vital resources burnt to the ground and no clear end in sight. C4G have comitted to doing everything in our power to help ease the burden any way possible. All funds raised will go directly towards urgent relief aid and supporting projects in Gaza.

The Projects, over and above urgent relief, in Gaza include:

1. Dr. Musa And Suhaila Nasir Pediatric Cancer Department

2. Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Program In Gaza

3. Gaza Pediatric Mental Health Initiative

4. Gaza Orphan Sponsorship

5. Gaza Amputee Project

For more information about PCRF and the incredible work they do click here!