27 Days to Go

Zara Hannoun —  August 22, 2013

27 days remain before 45 cyclists from across the globe come together in Germany to cycle for a cause, the #REACHGaza project.

These 45 inspired and passionate individuals will be pushing through 373 km of cycling over 3 days from Hamburg to Berlin, and one of the things that will keep them moving forward is the impact each of these people will have on supporting the children in Gaza.

Cycle Route
The REACH Gaza project in partnership with #thePCRF and aims to treat every child in Gaza in need of vital medical care transforming the provision of healthcare for children in Gaza, and each km cycled will help get us one step closer.

Support the wonderful efforts of these cyclists by:

– Share: Help us raise awareness by sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Email..etc
– Volunteer: Contribute directly on the ground or through various activities. Email us on info@cycling4gaza.com to sign up
– Follow: @Cycling4Gaza on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
– Hashtag: #Cycling4Gaza, #thePCRF, #REACHGaza, #C4G2013 on any information you feel is relevant

Zara Hannoun

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