Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to cycle 100+ km a day?

One of our key considerations when choosing a route is accessibility. We aim to balance the ‘challenge’ aspect with the objective of keeping the cycle open to all abilities. Therefore, you certainly don’t have to be a professional cyclist to participate in Cycling4Gaza. Each cyclist should condition their body to be in the saddle for extended periods of time. This may sound daunting, but upon registration, a huge support network will open up to each cyclist. And it goes without saying that the strong sense of purpose and camaraderie with the other cyclists will give that extra push when you most need it.

How many hours do we cycle per day?

We aim to limit your time on the saddle to 6 full hours a day maximum, excluding water and meal breaks. This could mean early starts so as to ensure we arrive at our destination before dark each evening.

Is it safe to cycle in Europe?

Yes. We work very carefully to select a tour operator whose priorities are in line with ours, and safety is utmost among them. This route has been covered previously by the tour operator to ensure we are cycling the correct distance and terrain as safely as possible. 

The Operator will also provide support vehicles with professional cycling staff to escort us throughout the cycle and provide route guidance and technical support to all cyclists.

Should I bring my own bike (if I own one)?

The Registration Fee includes bike rental, and we recommend that everyone take advantage of this and NOT to bring your own bike. 

What kind of bikes are provided on the cycle?

The tour operator will provide excellent condition Road Bikes for cyclists taking part in C4G2024. These bikes will be ‘fitted’ to your height specifications as indicated in the registration form.  These bikes are fitted with flat pedals, so you must bring your own pedals if you want to clip in!

Is there a typical cyclist age group?

Cycling4Gaza always boasts an impressive range of cyclists each year, with our youngest rider being 16 and our oldest over 60. This makes for an interesting group dynamic and a wonderful experience across the board, from cycling to socialising. 

How do I sign up?

The registration form is available to download on our website at, or click here to register now!

You will need to fill in the relevant areas and provide the following documents for registration:

1. A completed registration form 

2. A signed copy of the Term & Conditions of Entry 

After completing your registration form, you will be contacted by Cycling4Gaza to take you through the next steps. 

What does my registration fee cover, and what do I need to take care of?

Your registration fee will essentially cover the costs of the tour, namely:

  • Hotels/ accommodation for four nights (first night arrival, four days’ cycling)
  • Food throughout the cycle (3 meals per day)
  • Bike rental
  • C4G2024 Cycling Jersey
  • The tour and support staff

The things you will need to cover are as follows:

  • Flights to and from our destination
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Travel insurance costs
  • Visa costs (if necessary)
  • Additional bike materials (as below)

What shall I bring with me?

  1. Two water bottles or a refillable water source such as a Camelback.
  2. A fluorescent water-proof cycling gilet/raincoat 
  3. At least 2 pairs of padded cycling shorts/leggings 
  4. 2 cycling Jerseys/sports tops
  5. cycling gloves (recommended)
  6. The Rental bikes are fitted with flat pedals, so you must bring your own pedals (and shoes!) if you want to clip in!
  7. Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  8. If you are bringing your own bike (not recommended), please ensure you bring replacement inner tyre tubes in case of punctures

Does C4G arrange visas?

C4G does not personally arrange for cyclists’ visas, but we facilitate the process by providing appropriate documentation required by the relevant authorities. We will also provide further details on the visa process for your respective nationalities upon registration.

What are the luggage restrictions?

Please limit belongings to 2 pieces of luggage; the main luggage should be soft luggage (such as duffle/sports bag) and a small carry-on bag/backpack where you will hold your daily belongings along the ride.  Throughout the challenge, all luggage will be carried in our support van. Space is limited, so it might not be possible to transport large, hard luggage.

Do you arrange our flights?

No. Flights and travel logistics are the responsibility of each cyclist. However, we will provide cyclists with recommended flights to ensure that everyone arrives before the commencement of the cycle event. 

Can you tell me about room-sharing and accommodation?

We will be checking in to different hotels each consecutive day. All rooms are twin (sharing basis) with full-board. If you’re joining with a friend/sibling/partner, please indicate their name in the Registration Form. If you do not assign a name, we will work on matching cyclists of similar profile together (gender, age, etc…). 

I love the idea of providing support for Palestine but I’ve never fundraised before. Do you think it will be difficult?

Fundraising can seem daunting but with time, it becomes a passion as well as a skill. Every year, the Cycling4Gaza team is made up of first-timers who have joined because of their passion for the cause and have done great (both on fundraising and cycling fronts). We will support all cyclists with fundraising tips post registration. These include:

  • The provision of materials such as posters and corporate presentations.
  • Country-group allocations to encourage groups to fundraise together.
  • Suggestions on fundraising events and techniques. 

How can people make donations?

Cyclists are required to create an online donation page (instructions to be sent upon registration). We encourage donations online as your donation pages are linked and therefore funds raised can easily be tracked. 

Where do the donations go?

Cycling4Gaza operates on a volunteer basis. Therefore, each year, 100% of the funds raised go towards healthcare and educational projects in Gaza. 

Who is responsible for the logistics?

All logistics arrangements are organised by the Cycling4Gaza team in collaboration with the Tour Operator.

What if I do not make the minimum fundraising amount?

Upon registration, we will provide you tips for fundraising. This aims to keep you on track and mitigate the risk of not making the minimum fundraising amount. There is also lee-way for further fundraising to reach the minimum amount after the cycle. 

In the event that you have not made the pre-cycle fundraising deadline, then we encourage the cyclist to continue to raise the funds after the cycle is completed.

What happens if I cannot make the cycle?

Most of the cycle costs are paid as a group lump sum to our tour operator and respective stakeholders (hotels, food providers, bike rentals) prior to the cycle taking place as we are a big group. This means that should you not be able to make the cycle, you will not be able to recoup the amount required to cover your share of the above expenses unless 

  1. You manage to find a replacement participant who will shoulder the expense burden on your behalf and who is also able to meet the minimum fundraising amount  or
  2. We have adequate time to get a waitlisted cyclist registered, on track with our minimum fundraising amounts and with no foreseeable hurdles (visa processing time, etc).

We tried to cover all possible questions that might come up in the previous FAQ section. Should we have missed something, you can contact us at 

To learn more about the initiative, visit

Instagram: @cycling4gaza